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Ticket Home

Commuters who rideshare, take mass transit, or bicycle to work locations in Somerset County no longer have to worry about being stranded.  Ticket Home is the safety net that removes the "what ifs" from sharing a ride.
Registered commuters may arrange for an emergency ride home through any taxi, limousine or car rental provider due to unexpected overtime requests, a family or medical emergency, a carpool breakdown or a transit service interruption. 
Eligibility criteria:
Participants must commute by carpool, vanpool, bus, train or bike at least twice a week. The following qualify for the program:
Medical emergency
Unexpected overtime at a supervisor's request
Carpool or vanpool breakdown
Transit service interruption
There is no need for vouchers or calling pre-approved vendors, but participants do need to be registered in advance prior to arranging for a ride.  For additional information, e-mail staff@ridewise.org or complete the enrollment form.

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